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marta de vivo

JournalistCommunication Consultant.

Journalist & Communication Consultant.

My name is Marta De Vivo, on the web and on social media I am known as Martaforfew, which is also my agency. A bit of information about me: I am bilingual in English and I am 23 years old, born in 2001.


I am a registered journalist and a strategic communication consultant. I have written for various newspapers: Espresso Online, Domani Editoriale, Il Fatto Quotidiano,, TPIIl Riformista, and Giornalettismo.


To date I write for Huffington Post and Il Gazzettino. Along this, I have also collaborated on communication campaigns with top-scale public companies, foundations, government bodies, public and private entities at a national and international level.


I have my own personal profile @martaforfew on IG where I share my view of the world, so check it out to find out more about what I do! In the meantime I am also studying and I am a graduate student in International Relations and Human Rights at the University of Padua. You can find some more insights on my story also here.

Recent Management roles

I am consultant and coordinator of the marketing project for the relaunch of the post-diploma Higher Technical Institutes (ITS ACADEMY) in the Veneto Region, Italy's most productive area. Influencer selection, influencer coordination, editorial plan elaboration - launch planning - study and analysis of results per content. Analysis of metrics and insights on selected social platforms.

ITS Academy | Regione Veneto


I've been a social media campaign manager consultant & strategist for entrepreneur Paolo Basilico. I've worked on a positioning strategy, brand identity design, target audience study, dissemination of his writings on social media along with study and creation of his personal brand, study and drafting of metrics, analysis of results, ranking of posts and videos and growth strategy.

 Paolo Basilico


I’ve been a marketing and strategy consultant for Nxwss, a GenZ oriented media company (+300k following). I worked on branding, positioning and strategy development - pilot projects, events and formats - as well as expanding partnerships and business models within the company.



I've been a contributor and journalist for Giornalettismo, providing services for creation of video content  for the media company.



What they

say about me?

Marta De Vivo does not wait. Marta De Vivo grasps the future before others determine it for her. She has the courage of her ideas and is not afraid of the unpopularity, at times, of her opinions. An example for those of her generation.  Remaining human, her main virtue.

Fabio Luppino | Editor-in-Chief Huffington Post

 Serious, punctual and curious. This is how I got to know Marta, who on undertook the path to becoming a publicist and for months has been my regular weekly appointment to brainstorm on the most interesting topics to tackle or the most singular characters to interview. It has been a great journey we made together and I miss her a little, even though I always knew that she is at her best when she is free to express herself and have her say, because that is her real strength.

Antonella Capotelli | Head of Marketing & PR

Marta is a capable, precise and resolute professional. We managed a communication campaign and her work was impeccable.  If I had to describe her in two words I would say: excellent sidekick.

Michele Massimo Casula | Communication Manager & Founder Billover 3.0

Marta is a girl full of resources, skills and talents. She is gifted with great intuition and immediately manages to seize opportunities. With Confesercenti Veneto, she managed to set up from scratch an awareness campaign for SMEs in the difficult early days of Covid, and then a few years later, she set up a festival dedicated to young people and start-ups, managing to bring top names to the stage. She is a sincere, straightforward and flexible person; to entrust a job to her is to be on the safe side.

Maurizio Franceschi | Director Confesercenti Veneto

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